Bramley Lab

Computational Cognitive Science Group at the University of Edinburgh


Bramley Lab is a brand new computational cognitive science focused lab. We are based in Psychology, in the School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences, at the University of Edinburgh.


We are interested in understanding the building blocks of human intelligence. In particular, our lab focuses on active learning, causality, hypothesis generation, and control.


We take a computational approach to studying human cognition. This usually involves running behavioural experiments in the lab or online alongside computational models.

In Proceedings of the 40th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society 2018

Cognitive Psychology, (195), pp. 9–38 2018

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory & Cognition 2018

Psychological Review, (124), 3, pp. 301–338 2017

Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, (141), pp. 1–22 2016

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory & Cognition, (41), 3, pp. 708–731 2015

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Neil R Bramley

Principal Investigator

Bonan Zhao

PhD Student

Tianwei Gong

MRes Student

Héctor Otero Mediero

Postgrad Research Associate

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PhD Student

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MSc Student

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Collaborators & Affiliates

Anna Coenen

Data analyst, New York Times

Zach Davis


Peter Dayan

Director, MPI, Tübingen

George Dean

PhD, University of Edinburgh

Saoirse Connor Desai

Postdoc, UNSW, Sydney

Alex Doumas

Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh

Tobias Gerstenberg

Assistant Professor, Stanford

Tom Griffiths

Professor, Princeton

Todd Gureckis

Associate Professor, NYU

Jess Hamrick

Researcher, Deep Mind

Dave Lagnado

Professor, UCL

Brenden Lake

Assistant Professor, NYU

Pablo Leon

Postdoc, University of Warwick

Anna Leshinskaya

Postdoc, University of Calfornia, Davis

Zhiwei Li


Chris Lucas

Lecturer, University of Edinburgh

Ralf Mayrhofer

Fellow, University of Goettingen

Teresa McCormack

Professor, Queens, Belfast

Bjoern Meder

Researcher, MPI, Berlin

Jonathan Nelson

Lecturer, University of Surrey

Phil Newell

Postdoc, University of Warwick

Tassos Noulas

Moore Sloan Fellow, NYU

Magda Osman

Reader, Queen Mary, University of London

M Pacer

Data Scientist, Netflix

Paula Parpart

Postdoc, University of Warwick

Hugh Rabbagliati

Reader, University of Edinburgh

Bob Rehder

Professor, NYU

Anselm Rothe

Postdoc, MPI, Berlin

Azzurra Ruggeri

Research Group Leader, MPI, Berlin

Eric Schulz

Postdoc, MPI, Tübingen

Henrik Singmann

Assistant Professor, University of Warwick

Kenny Smith

Professor, University of Edinburgh

Maarten Speekenbrink

Senior Lecturer, UCL

Josh Tenenbaum

Professor, MIT

Fei Xu

Professor, Berkeley